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Elainia (Lainy) White
MSW Student, General Intern

Elainia is currently an MSW student at UNC-Pembroke and is interning at Valor Horses for Heroes to train
with experts in trauma therapy with the goal of coming back after graduation as a staff clinician. Her long-
term goal is to become an expert in the field of trauma treatment utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization
and Reprocessing (EMDR) and advanced processing techniques such as Acute Traumatic Incident
Processing and the incorporation of Flash Technique. She first learned about trauma-sensitive practices
through the Veteran's Yoga Project in 2011. Elainia has been intrigued since learning the neuroscience
behind the symptoms we experience after traumatic events and chronic stress. Elainia has a strong
commitment to the service of her community and did so, most recently, as the Executive Director of a
nonprofit that serves people in early recovery from substance use disorders. Elainia personally
understands the effects of traumatic events and the outcome they can have on interpersonal relationships.
Elainia is compassionate and direct in her approach to helping her clients see the truths and strengths
they already possess to overcome the traumatic events they have faced and will face in the future.

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